Monday, April 22, 2019

Easter Monday 2019

The Resurrected Jesus meets up with two disciples on the road to Emmaus
[Image is a Photo of a stained glass window from Saint Gervais-Saint Protais Church in Paris, France ID 137177026 © Zatletic |]

"That very same day, two of them were on their way to a village called Emmaus, seven miles from Jerusalem and they were talking together about all that had happened.  Now as they talked this over, Jesus himself came up and walked by their side, but something prevented them from recognizing him..  When they drew near to the village to which they were going, he made as if to go on; but they pressed him to stay with them. 'It is nearly evening' they said 'and the day is almost over.' So he went in to stay with them.  Now while he was with them at table, he took the bread and said the blessing; then he broke it and handed it to them.  And their eyes were opened and they recognized him; but he had vanished from their sight.Then they said to each other, 'Did not our hearts burn withing us as he talked to us on the road and explained the scriptures to us?'  They set out that instant and returned to Jerusalem."

[Passage is from Luke 24: 13-16 & 28-33, Jerusalem Bible copyright 1966 by Darton, Longman & Todd Ltd and Doubleday & Company, Inc. Garden City, New York,]